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Born in 1952 in Drummondville (Québec, Canada), André Boisvert grew up with his parents. He inherited from his mother a love of words, reading and research. He learned by working beside his father, a mechanically-oriented man who passed on to him his gift for repairing, recycling and inventing objects. André inherited from him an ingeniousness that he would apply to all areas of life. The call of nature brought Boisvert to Duchesnay, where he completed a forestry course.

Artistic evolution: Throughout his journey, Boisvert has created spontaneous works wherever he may have been. His travels have enabled him to use everything at his fingertips to produce transitory sculptures that he leaves behind. The artist draws travel notebooks for use as inspiration later on. A seasonal worker by trade, he devotes his winter months to travel, vegetal works and sculptures from recovered objects: rusty car parts, sheet metal panels, concrete truss, etc. Giving new life to objects or plants motivates him and opens his perspective to hidden dimensions, both of the materials and of himself. He has compared his creative process to a meditation.

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After a period of incubation, he allows himself to become a sort of channel during the construction stage. He chooses the materials that call to him and combines them, letting himself be guided by shapes and patterns. Gradually, he integrates his sculptures into landscape installations, giving free rein to artistic expression. He then learned about the existence of “Land Art”. He understood that this art form reflected the research he had been pursuing, from the plant sculptures in the orchard to ever-changing installations. Right away, he felt a sense of belonging. From that moment, his research gained a new focus and his backyard became his laboratory. His goal was clear: to participate as an artist in events that feature “Land Art”.

André Boisvert Désert of the Sahara, 2008 : Création sur le champ enabled him to meet artists, including creator of the famed “Land ArtBill Vazan, who later invited Boisvert to accompany him in Tunisia. During this informal trip, they created several works rooted in the land as well as their inspiration. Boisvert returned from this experience more determined than ever to devote more time to “Land Art”, his medium of choice.

Apnea at Champlain Sea: In the fall of 2007, he took part in the first edition of Création sur le champ, an initiative of the Town of Mont-Saint-Hilaire. “Apnea at Champlain Sea” takes its source in a research on space-time. Through the location, an underwood in Montérégie, Boisvert takes us back via time travel to an era where the Champlain Sea covered all this territory. Jellyfishes and other marine animals move around in a forest of giant algae represented by trees. One of the trees, placed upside down, remains suspended and adds to the impression of weightlessness. André Boisvert

André Boisvert Nyctalopus, 2004 : 2004 was the year of his first participation in an international festival with a plant installation presented at the Sommet ADN broadcast at Mont-Saint-Hilaire. Looking for a title, his research led him to coin a word: “Nyctalopus” defined as: one who sees at night; along with a poetic text that graces the exhibit.
“Nyctalopus: noun, from the Greek nyctalopos, who sees at night.
Plant from which the bamboo family originates; appeared in the Tertiary Age and proliferated on the Eurasian continent for more than five centuries. Oval and thin, it is some four meters tall and equipped with prominent iridescent and scented genitals; it made it possible for Man to experience his first stellar orgasms, improve his night vision and discover the origins of the seventh heaven.” “[…] Determined to experience the ultimate feeling, he inserted his head in the pubic cavity, felt the vault open, arched his back, breathed and opened his eyes… at this moment the intimate medium of the stars was revealed to him…” André Boisvert

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